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Apis Mel

Apis mellifica, usually shorted to apis mel, is a homoeopathic remedy made from powdered honeybees, mixed with alcohol and diluted many times. Many different kinds of honeybees can be used, depending where in the world the remedy is made. 

Because the underlying theory of homeopathy is that like cures like, apis mel is believed to be a useful remedy for bee and wasp stings. However, it has further applications too, and is believed to be of use to cure any ailment which results in a burning or stinging sensation, such as a variety of allergies. 

Apis mel is also used for conditions involving swelling or redness of the skin. Where inflammation is present, for example in a sore throat, it is believed that apis mel will reduce the inflammation and thereby soothe the pain. 

Sometimes, apis mel is suggested as a treatment for headaches, mental fatigue and mood disorders too. 

It is a popular addition to a natural first aid cabinet, and some people like to take apis mel when travelling to a hot country, to help reduce the likelihood of prickly heat. 

Apis mel is available in tablet form at a 30c potency. 



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