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Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Who knows, but one thing's for sure – apples are rich in health giving nutrients and offer a wide variety of potential health benefits. 

Apples have been grown for thousands of years around the world, and play a significant part in the culture and mythology of many countries, as well as the diet. There are more than 7000 different types of apple available today. 

Apples are rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and flavonoids. They are a good source of vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. 

The mix of polyphenols in apples, together with their pectin content, has been credited with the cardio-protective qualities of apples which have been noted in research. Eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet, it is thought that apples help to reduce cholesterol and reduce plaque in arteries. 

Quercetin is a flavonoid found in apples which helps to reduce blood sugar. Several studies have shown promising results into whether apples can help to prevent or treat asthma. Given their strong antioxidant properties, it's also likely that apples can play a role in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals throughout the body. 



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