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Arsen Alb

Arsenicum album, usually shortened to arsen alb, is a homeopathic remedy which purports to be a treatment for a wide range of ailments. It is one of the fifteen most often used homeopathy treatments, and is said to be of particular benefit to people who find themselves very stressed or under severe pressure.

Arsen alb is made by extracting arsenic from arsenopyrite by heating it at high temperatures. The arsenic is then ground and diluted many times into a solution which will contain only a tiny number of the original arsenic molecules. Thus, although arsenic is highly toxic, arsen alb is said to have healing properties.

One of the most popular uses of arsen alb is to soothe stomach upsets. It is also said to help calm nerves and to remedy indigestion. Any ailment which results in a burning sensation is said to benefit from the use of arsen alb, and it is also used to get rid of nausea.

Arsen alb is sold in tablet form, usually at a potency of 30c. It is sometimes also available in cream form, where it is used to treat spots and skin disorders.



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