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Beef Protein

Beef is a highly nutritious meat, and it is particularly rich in protein. Cattle were first domesticated around 8000 years ago, and cave paintings such as those as Lascaux show that people were hunting for beef in prehistoric times.

In the modern age, beef is widely eaten around the world. Beef protein is typically taken as a protein powder, to be used as a supplement or as part of a protein shake. It is a popular sports and athletics supplement, as the protein in beef contributes to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle.

As well as protein, beef is a rich source of zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins. In common with other red meats, beef protein is an excellent source of carnitine, an amino acid which is important in fat metabolism.

Many beef protein powders come in the form of hydrolysed beef protein isolate, which has been processed for easy absorption and also for a higher concentration of protein and amino acids. Processed amino acids are broken into smaller chunks, so they can get to work in the body straight away. Beef protein isolate is free from fat and carbohydrates.


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