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Who knew a garden plant has so many benefits!

Learn more about how Aloe Vera can help you.

When you think of Aloe Vera you may think of a bottle of after sun sat in your hotel bathroom - guaranteed to come in use after lying in the sun throughout your summer holiday. In fact, Aloe Vera isn’t just for soothing your burnt shoulders, the plant can be added to your diet to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Reduce Wrinkles

Aloe Vera goes further than just soothing sunburned skin, in fact the plant may be used as a tropical ointment to repair, and even slow the aging of skin. According to the preliminary research lead by Dr. Soyun Cho, thirty healthy females 45 years of age were given doses of Aloe Vera gel supplements over the course of 90 days. The women’s facial wrinkles were measured before and after the time period, with results concluding that ‘the facial wrinkles improved significantly’. 

Boosting the Immune System

The tropical plant is not short of vitamins and minerals - a dose of Aloe Vera a day is like having a health shot. The plant’s main products include:

Vitamin C: to help stimulate your white blood cells.

Acemannan: the strongest of Aloe Vera’s components not only has Immunostimulant (a substance that stimulates the immune system), but it also contains anti-cancer properties.

Zinc: This mineral is also known to strengthen your immune system. Research indicates that it may play a crucial role in preventing and fighting against infection.

The Digestive System

Suffer from IBS or digestive problems? Aloe Vera supplements can help to cleanse the digestive tract. The Journal of Research in Medical Sciences reported a study that tested 33 patients with IBS. After consuming Aloe Vera juice twice a day, discomfort and flatulence was reduced.

Research has also concluded that the laxative elements found in Aloe Vera indicate that the plant is a natural relief from constipation. The Aloe Vera cleanses the digestive tract of residue that may block your system.

Weight Management & Diabetes

A chemical element called Chromium helps to balance blood glucose levels, which in turn can help to control diabetes and assist in weight management. With a suggested intake of Aloe Vera, blood glucose levels can be controlled – which therefore benefits people with Type-2 Diabetes.

Moreover, studies have proven that dietary aloe-formula can ‘reduce obesity-induced glucose tolerance’ by both controlling inflammatory responses as well as absorbing the anti-inflammatory elements found in Aloe Vera.

Improve Your Oral Health

The miracle plant goes further than just healing your insides, it also plays a crucial role in the fight against gum disease. Because the plant is packed full of powerful active ingredients, it has been proven to tackle gum disease. Some of these active ingredients include carboxylic acids and saponins. The fatty carboxylic acids act as an anti-inflammatory, which helps to reduce swelling of the gums, while the saponins have anti-viral elements. These elements can ultimately improve the condition of your mouth and gums by preventing gum disease.

Studies have also shown that continuous use of Aloe Vera mouthwash can reduce dental plaque – a problem that commonly leads to gum disease.

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