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Bifidus is a proprietary strain of bifidobacterium, anaerobic bacteria which are naturally found in the human digestive system. Bifidus is considered to be a probiotic or "good bacteria", which can help to maintain the proper balance of bacteria in the gut, thereby promoting digestive health.

Probiotics alter the pH balance of the intestines, making them more acidic. This makes it more difficult for the more harmful types of bacteria to flourish, and can thereby reduce incidents of stomach upset, bloating, diarrhoea and IBS.

Bifidobacterium are also present in the mouth, vagina and cervix, where they help to protect against yeast infections.

It is thought that bifidus, along with acidophilus and other probiotics, can help to restore the correct balance of bacteria following treatment with antibiotics for an infection, thereby helping to reduce antibiotic stress on the body.

Bifidus can be found in proprietary products, as well as in live cultured yoghurt and fermented foods such as miso and kefir.

Some people believe that probiotics should be taken in conjunction with prebiotics to maximise their effect; prebiotics can be found in the diet from foods such as garlic, leek, onions and asparagus.




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