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Celadrin is the brand name of a proprietary blend of fatty acids, which is sold as a joint supplement and as an analgesic cream for muscle pain.

Celadrin is a blend of cetylated fatty acids and menthol. It is said to work by reducing some of the factors which cause inflammation in the body, and by helping to lubricate joints at a cellular level. Studies have shown that Celadrin does help to relieve joint pain when applied topically and does appear to have a role in increasing mobility when take orally.

Celadrin is often marketed with glucosamine, a substance known to be effective in repairing joint damage.

You can buy Celadrin in tablet or capsule format, or as a lotion or cream. It is widely considered to be safe for use, and further studies are ongoing into how Celadrin may benefit those suffering with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.




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