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Hepar Sulphuris

Hepar sulphuris is also known as sulphur of lime. It is produced by blending flowers of sulphur with powdered oyster shells; this is then diluted many times over to create a homeopathic remedy.

Commonly known simply as hepar sulph, the remedy is commonly used to treat acne and other troublesome skin conditions. It is thought to help relieve itching, and so may be especially beneficial for skin rashes and for itchy eczema.

Hepar sulphuris is sometimes used to try to treat the symptoms of the common cold, particularly if there is a chesty cough, swollen lymph glands or a sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Some people also believe that hepar sulphuris can help to calm irritability and nervousness.

As well as its uses in humans, hepar sulphuris is a popular homeopathic remedy for pets, and is thought to be particularly effective with anal gland problems in dogs. It is also used to treat skin allergies in cats and dogs, and to increase calcium profiles on dairy farms.

For human consumption, hepar sulphuris is usually sold as tablets, in a 30c potency, although it can also be obtained as a tincture.



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