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Nux Vomica

Everybody knows that strychnine is poisonous, but what everybody may not know is that it comes from a tree native to India and some other parts of Asia. The poison is in the flowers and fruit, and hence the seeds are sometimes called poison nuts, or in homeopathy, nux vomica (a Latin compound word meaning vomit nut).

The way that homeopathy is said to work is for a minute amount of the substance causing the disorder to be administered to the sufferer, in order to cause a contrary reaction (on the basis that 'like will cure like'), so that taking nux vomica should calm the urge to vomit. It is used homeopathically to treat bloating, indigestion, dyspepsia and other gastric discomforts causing nausea.

Studies show that nux vomica contains powerful antioxidants, which will attack the free radicals causing cell damage, and may also have anti-inflammatory properties that could assist in asthmatic conditions and swollen joints.

Traditionally, nux vomica is also a remedy of benefit to men suffering from fertility problems and erectile dysfunction, although there is no scientific basis to this claim.

Nux vomica is sometimes called the 'over-indulgence remedy', whether of food, drink or work, causing discomfort and irritability.

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