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Nutrition on the go: protein bars

Protein is one of the most important nutrients there is, really helping to repair and protect the body. There are many benefits of protein; it’s responsible for giving us energy, building muscle, and taking care of the bones, and the good news is that protein intake in the UK is pretty good. Average protein intake is around 88g for men, and 64g for women, which the British Nutrition Foundation claims is ‘more than sufficient’. However, many of us struggle to maintain adequate intake while we’re out and about.

Sources of Protein

The reason why we struggle to keep up a healthy protein intake when we’re on the go, is that many of the primary sources of protein are foods which are more of a knife-and-fork job. Eggs, fish, and meats are all high in protein, but they’re not ideal as an on-the-go snack. So what’s the solution?

Alternative Sources of Protein

Of course, there are sources of protein other than meat products, which is why those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle are still able to get all the nutrients they need through their diet. Nuts, seeds, and fruit are actually excellent sources of protein, and all can be found in protein snack bars.

What is a Protein Bar?

As the name suggests, protein bars are snacks that contain high levels of protein. They’re very similar in size and shape to a cereal bar, which makes them perfect for eating while out and about. Ingredients differ depending upon the manufacturer and brand, but most include multiple forms of protein such as whey and soy, for example, along with freeze dried fruits, and nuts, such as peanut. With a high calorie content, protein bars are ideal for a pre or post workout snack, giving your body the fuel it needs to thrive.



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