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Creatine for sports stamina

Creatine is a natural acid that provides energy to the muscles and brain, and research shows that it could have a huge effect on sports stamina and overall endurance. It’s fast become a firm favourite of athletes and other sportspeople, who find that it helps to keep the muscles strong and boost sports performance.

How Does it Work?

Increasing creatine stores in the body ensures there’s plenty of the acid available, to provide enough energy for the muscles to repair themselves following a workout. Creatine has been shown to significantly speed up muscle recovery time, enabling you to exercise for longer, and at a greater intensity: this will ultimately have an enhanced effect on muscle growth. It really works, too. In fact, studies have found that increase in muscle strength is typically 8% higher when taking creatine supplements; this is coupled with a 14% improvement in weightlifting performance and an improvement of up to 45% in bench press performance.

Pre or Post Workout?

Creatine supplements can be taken at any time. However, research suggests that they may be more effective when taken after a workout, rather than before. It’s believed that this is because creatine works to alter the body’s response to exercise activity. Levels of both fat mass and fat-free mass, as well as bench press performance, are typically better with post workout supplementation than pre workout.

Creatine Supplements

As creatine is a naturally occurring acid, many people should be able to take creatine supplements without risk of adverse effects. Supplements are widely available at online health food shops in the UK, and come in varying strengths. Research shows that 0.1g of creatine per 1 kilo of body weight is generally an effective and safe creatine dosage but always stick to the manufacturer’s dosage guide for best results.



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