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Rosehip and vitamin c for joint care

When it comes to joint care, we’re often told to increase the amount of ‘good’ fats in the diet, and ensure a healthy intake of oils, like cod liver oil, for example. This is excellent advice, as fats help to lubricate the joints, creating smooth movements of the bones during exercise and minimising friction. However, advice for joint care shouldn’t stop here. In fact, there are a few other supplements that can help to protect the joints, with rosehip and vitamin C being some of the best options available.

Vitamin C for Joints

We all know that vitamin C is essential for healthy bones, but what many of us don’t know is that this extends to the joints, too. Not only does vitamin C have anti inflammatory properties that can minimise joint inflammation, it’s also great for boosting collagen production in the body, which helps to keep the connective tissues between the joints in check. However, it’s important not to overdo the vitamin C, as research shows that extremely high doses can actually increase the risk of arthritis. The NHS recommends that adults should be having 40mg per day, either through diet or diet supplementation.

Rosehip for Joints

Rosehip is a fruit produced by the rose plant, and it’s often used in cuisine; made into jams, added to soups, and used to flavour wines, for example. However, it’s also a common herbal remedy, and has proven to be particularly good for caring for the joints. Exactly how rosehip works is a highly debated topic, though. Arthritis Research UK, for example, claims that rosehip helps to protect the joints from damage thanks to the polyphenols and anthocyanins in the fruit, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Others claim that rosehip is great for weight management, reducing stress on the joints.


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