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Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a substance secreted by the glands of worker honey bees. It is fed to all bee larvae, and in greatly increased amounts when they need to develop and nourish an adult queen bee. The component of royal jelly which seems to be responsible for causing a queen bee to develop is a single protein called royalactin, which genetically modifies the DNA of the bee, increasing the size of its body, and causing it to develop ovaries.

Research into the properties of the unique fatty acid component of royal jelly suggests that could be effective in preventing and treating neurological disorders, in that it seems to be able to facilitate the differentiation of brain cells into types.

The acid has also been reported to help boost the immune system, suppressing histamine responses, so that it might be useful in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms, as well as reducing the harmful effects of UVB rays on skin by enhancing the production of collagen.

Other trials have shown increased healing capacity of wounds treated with royal jelly applications, and possible reduction of bone deterioration in osteoporosis, as well as a beneficial effect in improving male fertility.



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