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Do you dream of being the world’s fastest runner? Are you training to contend with the world champion? Fortunately for Mr Bolt, you’re going to need look elsewhere, because today we are looking at five supplements that help boost endurance and stamina for runners, helping you run faster for longer. Sorry sprinters!

It’s your lucky day, Bolt.

Enhance Your Long Distance Performance With Caffeine

Caffeine is an incredible substance and the ultimate runner's aid. Often known in the sporting world as a legal performance enhancer, supplementation during training comes with a myriad of beneficial effects.

The most obvious effect is that it boosts alertness, however, this rise in mental energy also allows your brain to convert stored energy into usable energy, effectively increasing the amount of fuel your body has to burn.

The mental effects also lead to a state of perceived effort, where your body feels like it has more energy than it would normally. This means you can run through barriers you normally couldn’t, going for longer and running fast. Just be careful not to overtrain!

Recover Faster With Whey Protein

If you are new to the running scene, you will probably wake the morning after a training session with very achy muscles. This is because the muscles have had to work harder than they are used to and now need to repair.

The key to muscle repair is protein, which is why you see so many bodybuilders glugging down protein shakes. Whey protein is helpful as it allows runners to get the protein they need without excess calories. Take whey protein after a running session to allow your body to immediately begin healing itself and you’ll find you dramatically decrease your recovery time.

Fight Fatigue With Iron

Low iron levels have the nasty habit of making you feel fatigued on a regular basis, although this effect becomes exacerbated while running. The body needs iron in order to operate properly, and if it doesn’t have enough, even short runs can be draining.

Iron deficiency is the most common medical condition on Earth, affecting millions, but is more common in women than men. No matter what your gender, if you find you are struggling to run because of you feel fatigued easy then try introducing an iron supplement to your diet.

With enough iron to support your system, you might just find you can run much longer distances without feeling the effects of fatigue.

Keep Your Body Running With B Vitamins

B Vitamins are of vital importance to endurance runners. Long distance running leads to high levels of B vitamin stores being absorbed by the body as they are required for maintaining energy, such as converting food and fat into fuel for your muscles.

If B vitamins are not replenished, the body has a harder time converting energy, leading to low performance. They are also required in optimum blood flow and heart function, a vital component in long distance running.

Boost Stamina With Magnesium

Magnesium is the wonder mineral that many of us get too little of. Responsible for over 300 bodily processes, it is vital in the conversion of glycogen to glucose, our body's main source of fuel.

If your body lacks magnesium stores, it is unable to maintain the transfer of energy needed for running and you’ll find yourself hitting that dreaded runner's wall. You’ll also find yourself more prone to muscle spasms, soreness and stitches while running.

Many people do not get enough magnesium in their diet, yet it is especially important for runners to supplement the mineral as it is lost through sweat. By simply keeping up your magnesium levels up, you can help your body deal with the stresses and strains of one of the world's oldest pastimes.

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