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For Brands and Retailers

Improve sales, boost brand awareness, and connect with the right people at the right time with Filtur; the UK's leading price comparison website dedicated to health and wellness. As the world's first price comparison and recommendation resource for vitamins, sports supplements, and health foods, Filtur provides businesses like yours with a chance to derive more value from their marketing campaigns.

We've created Filtur not only to be beneficial for customers, but also for retailers & brands. Our aim is to support the growth and development of health and wellness brands, increasing conversions by providing a platform where businesses can target the most relevant audiences, at the most important stage of the buying process: point of sale. Target marketing for the health industry has never been so accessible.

Here are just a few benefits that you can enjoy when partnering with Filtur:

  • Run simple and streamlined hyper-targeted campaigns, engaging with the right audience
  • Trial your product to gauge interest through sampling campaigns or sponsored contests
  • Advertise and promote your bestsellers or promotions via our social media accounts, or in our newsletter
  • Make use of our innovative data technology for insights and journeys
  • Dedicated customer service for complete satisfaction

Reasons to list with Filtur

At Filtur, we've combined our passion for health with our dedication to efficient marketing, to create a platform which enables us to take a unique approach to promotion of wellness products. We're proud to offer a personalised experience for each and every business we partner with. We deliver carefully tailored campaigns which are not only highly effective, but also comply with your own needs and preferences.

Here's what makes Filtur the best choice for your business:

  • Completely free to join, with absolutely no hidden costs
  • Filtur acts as an independent and impartial third party, boosting consumer trust
  • We work with businesses to determine the most suitable advertising strategies
  • Filtur can be incorporated into any marketing campaign, regardless of budget
  • Our team will integrate your product data feed onto Filtur

Sounds good? Then join the Filtur family! Simply get in touch to learn more about how we can help you to increase your business performance, and create a quicker and easier way for you to reach people who care about your products and brand.