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Emily's well-being with vitamin d

Emily's well-being with vitamin d

Vitamin D & Bone Health 

Emily's story about Vitamin D

"When I started feeling really tired and jaded about a year ago, I thought it was just my age catching up with me. It wasn't until someone pointed out that they never seemed to see me in the daylight that it clicked – maybe a lack of vitamin D was causing me problems. 

I work in the IT department of a major corporation; it's a great job, but the office is tucked away deep in the block and between early starts and late finishes, I just don't get much sunlight. I started taking vitamin D supplements about three months ago, and it does seem to be helping. 

I seem to have more energy now, and my joints aren't aching as much as they used to. I always take the stairs instead of the lift, trying to keep fit, but getting up to the 5th floor was always an effort – now, not so much! 

The midweek blues seem to be fading too. I've read that vitamin D has an effect on serotonin levels, so maybe that's what's boosting my frame of mind.  I'm going to keep on taking vitamin D, and who knows, maybe I'll actually manage an early finish at some point and get some natural sunlight too!"

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