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Jack staying healthy with Filtur

Jack staying healthy with Filtur

How Jack Stays Fit with Filtur

Meet Jack; a man who’s leading the way for the older generation. 

"The girls at the cafe all keep asking me why I’m not at work, I never let on that I’ve been retired for 7 years!" laughs Jack, as he discusses his busy day-to-day schedule which often includes a late breakfast at his local diner. For while he may look and act like a man in his 50’s, Jack has actually just turned 70! 

With a calendar full of events, including swimming, dance classes, and even training for his next half marathon, Jack may well be healthier and fitter than many men half his age, but this hasn’t always been the case. "I never had much of an interest in my health" admits Jack, although everything changed when he experienced a health scare at age 65. "I had to change, I didn’t have any other choice. This was it". 

Jack’s GP suggested that if he was serious about improving his health, he needed to focus on his heart, his joints, and his brain; three areas which are often the quickest to deteriorate as a natural part of the ageing process. Jack’s family helped him do some research and found that by increasing his intake of cod liver oil and garlic, he could help to slow down deterioration and protect his body from further damage. 

Finding Filtur 

Unfortunately, Jack hit an obstacle. "I’m retired", he says. "Even though I no longer have a mortgage, I’m still on a pension and things are tight. I don’t have money to be throwing around". Luckily, Jack’s granddaughter Charlotte found a solution. "Charlotte’s a swimmer, she’s a good swimmer, and she takes some types of tablets to help her swim better. She gave me a right telling off when she found I was getting my cod liver oil and garlic tablets from the local shop, because the prices were just so high." 

Although Jack is the first to admit that he’s not particularly tech savvy, a few sessions from Charlotte were all he needed to get to grips with Filtur. "I know how to search AND browse now!" laughs Jack, obviously very proud of his accomplishments. Using Filtur, Jack was able to compare supplement prices across supermarkets, health food shops, and chemists, finding the best deals on everything he needed. 

"It’s been a lifesaver – literally!" says Jack, who credits Filtur with helping to turn him into the man he is today. "Without Filtur, I couldn’t afford to give my body all the stuff it needs in my old age" he says. Since discovering Filtur’s price comparison, Jack has been able to take his fish oil and garlic tablets regularly each day and has seen a huge difference when he adheres to his supplement routine. "My joints haven’t been this flexible since my 20’s, and my brain… let’s just say I remember that Charlotte owes me £20!" 

Discovering More 

At his recent checkup, Jack’s GP was hugely impressed with his progress, discovering that his blood pressure had dropped and was now within the healthy range. Jack’s GP even gave him some recommendations for other supplements that could help to protect and improve his health, including probiotics for gut health, and multivitamins as a good ‘all-rounder’. "I compared supplement prices on Filtur as always", says Jack, who was once again able to save money on essential vitamins and minerals. 

Be Like Jack 

Jack is proof that anyone can benefit by using Filtur, and by comparing prices to save money on food supplements. Despite his age, Jack now uses Filtur without any help from his family and can get his vitamins, minerals, and other supplements delivered straight to his door from companies that he trusts. So be like Jack. Take charge of your health, put yourself in control, and save yourself money in the process!


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