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Robs focus with Filtur

Robs focus with Filtur

How Rob Stays Focused with Filtur 

Meet Rob; a 21 year old physics student who is due to graduate from university in just a few months and enter a prestigious PHD programme as a Research Scientist. Rob is focused, determined, and right on track for success, but it’s only in the last 12 months that Rob really feels like he’s getting somewhere. "I just couldn’t find the right balance" says Rob, who compares university life to a magician’s juggling act. 

"Some people suggested that I wasn’t taking university seriously, but it wasn’t about that", says Rob. "University isn’t just about studying; it’s about studying, networking, socialising, and somehow being able to do all three without going into your overdraft". Rob is the first to admit that he underestimated just how challenging university life would be, and started to seek out a sensible solution to his problems. 

Tackling Tiredness 

At first, Rob tried to see if there was anything he could drop from his busy calendar but "it just couldn’t be done", he laughs. So instead, Rob looked into safe and healthy ways to help him tackle his busy workload. "I wasn’t coping well with the ‘all-nighter’ study sessions, so I started by looking for ways to help me feel less tired and give me more energy, and then it all just sort of spiralled from there!" 

Rob began by taking vitamin B and vitamin C supplements to help him fight fatigue naturally. "I’m only in a small town, but even the tiny supermarket we have here stocked vitamin B and vitamin C", says Rob in amazement. Rob began to notice a huge difference in his energy levels, but still felt like something was missing. "I felt more awake and alert, but I still struggled to focus on my work", he says. 

Finding Focus 

Being a physics student, Rob certainly isn’t afraid of a little research, and started to look into ways to help him improve his overall focus. Rob read that ingredients such as ginseng and bee propolis were good for improving focus, and headed back to his local supermarket to pick up some new food supplements. "The shop assistant just had this blank look on his face when I asked if they stocked anything with ginseng!". 

"I think what I was looking for was a bit too niche for a small town mini-market which mainly sells noodles and beer!" he laughs. Rob went back to his student flat and decided to look online for the products he wanted, but found himself getting frustrated. "I’m a final year physics student and not even I could get to grips with all the different types, all the different shops, and all the different prices". 

Saving with Filtur 

Luckily, Rob quickly found Filtur. "One of the guys I live with is pretty into his bodybuilding and told me he got all his stuff from Filtur, so I decided to give it a try." Rob found that Filtur quickly and easily compared products from a wide range of different sellers, not only giving him the biggest choice, but also the best price. "That’s something I’m glad about, because I’ve got gown hire to pay for soon!" 

As well as giving him a great selection, and great prices, Filtur also helped Rob discover new products he’d never heard of. "One of my favourite ingredients now is something I didn’t even know existed; Phosphatidylserine. I still can’t pronounce it, but I do know that it’s really helped me to keep my mind sharp and my brain healthy, and I don’t know what I’d do without it, especially with exams coming up." 

Filtur is helping Rob, and many others like him, to really get the most from their time at university by introducing them to the best natural supplements to help with memory, recall, focus, attention, energy, and overall health. Filtur is dedicated to finding the best prices for the best products, making it easier than ever before for students on a tight budget to care for themselves, and stay happy and healthy.


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