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Tina's vitamin b complex & iron pick me up

Tina's vitamin b complex & iron pick me up

Vitamin B Complex and Iron 

Tina's immunity story 

"Last winter I had a chest infection which just wouldn't go away. It eventually shifted, but it left me feeling constantly tired, no matter how much sleep I got. A friend recommended I should try taking iron tablets, as apparently antibiotics can interfere with how well the body takes in iron. I tend to get really heavy periods too, so an iron deficiency makes sense. 

Since I started taking the iron supplements, I've felt a lot better. After a couple of weeks, I started with vitamin B complex too; B vitamins help the body produce energy, and I definitely feel that I can keep going for longer before getting an energy "slump". 

Being so tired all the time left me feeling depressed and irritable as well as exhausted, as it was so hard to take an interest in anything. I'd get mentally worn out just trying to concentrate on my work, so it was brain fog as well as physical tiredness. 

The vitamin B complex and the iron are both supposed to be good for clearing mental fuzziness, and I can now focus much more easily and for longer periods of time. Life just seems that little bit less overwhelming, both mentally and physically, and that makes all the difference."

Thanks for the story Tina! Sometimes a pick me up is required to keep your body and mind going. Why not take a look at the filtur price comparison for vitamin b complex and iron supplements. 


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