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Laura saving with Filtur

Laura saving with Filtur

How Laura uses the Filtur price comparison to save

Meet Laura; a busy wife and mum who’s keen to keep herself — and her family — fit and healthy, even when life gets in the way! Although Laura used to love cooking up homemade dinners from scratch in the kitchen, she finds that it’s becoming increasingly tricky to find time; but she still wants to ensure that her kids are getting the right nutrition to help them grow, develop, and continue to do well at school. 

A Juggling Act 

Whether it’s taking her oldest son to rugby practice on a Sunday morning, or picking her young daughter up from an after-school swimming lesson, Laura knows that her family are all very different; not just in their interests and hobbies, but in their health needs, too. "It’s a juggling act!" laughs Laura, who says that she’s constantly trying to ensure that her three children are getting the right nutrition for them. 

"I’m always trying to think about what they need" says Laura, who has admitted to sometimes cooking up to three different dinners on a single night; "plenty of protein for Jack who plays a lot of sports, and lots of fruits, vegetables, and calcium for Hannah who seems to be getting taller every day". However, the arrival of a new baby has meant that Laura often struggles to find the time to cook from scratch. 

Taking Care of the Family 

Like any parent, Laura wants her children to remain happy and healthy, while also setting a good example herself. "I used to cook with fresh ingredients every night" says Laura, "but since the baby I haven’t had a chance". While Laura tries hard to make sure that the family’s meals are still nutritious, she takes care to fill any gaps in her family’s daily diet through other means. "Food supplements have been a lifesaver!" 

Laura introduced food supplements to her family’s diet soon after baby Samuel was born. "I just wanted to make sure the older kids and my husband were still getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, even if I wasn’t cooking as often as I had been". Starting with multivitamins, Laura then tried odourless garlic capsules to try and fend off a cold, and before long found herself buying more types of supplements. 

"My shopping bags were rattling!" laughs Laura, as she recalls buying lots of different vitamins and minerals from her local supermarket. However, while Laura was happy that she was taking care of her family, her bank balance wasn’t as thrilled. "My shopping bill was mounting up" remembers Laura, who quickly realised that she needed to find a more affordable way to keep her family fit and healthy. 

Saving Money with Filtur 

Laura decided to see if she could buy vitamins and minerals for less through online shops. "We do a lot of things online like paying bills, but I hadn’t thought of buying food supplements online, too" says Laura. She found that some shops had great deals, but others were much more expensive, and some had a bigger selection than others. "It was a real minefield of information, so I was grateful to discover Filtur". 

With Filtur, Laura was able to quickly and easily compare different products and different prices from a number of online shops. "I was worried that I’d only find products from shops I’d never heard of, so I was surprised to see supplements from places like Holland and Barrett, and Boots, which are places I’d normally shop anyway". Using Filtur, Laura was able to get the best prices and slash her shopping bill.

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